18 service companies will start operations in early 2022



 and cheaper. This often means becoming a service entrepreneur who knows how to do his job right. Here we offer inspiration for prospective service providers – from adventure tour guides to window cleaners. Now you have 18 ideas that you have to choose from to start working. You have to take care and start working

What services are available to these companies

Personal services


Sales and marketing

Home services

Computers and technology

 Child care services


personal services


Mobile Pet Care Cut, cling and brush your way to success as a mobile pet breeder. Fido and its owner will appreciate the convenience of having a dog grooming service “on your doorstep”. With the right education and experience, a truck, and some maintenance tools, start building the right tree by marketing your business near you and beyond.

2. Can

Collectibles hitting carefully curated swap sites, thrift stores, and flea markets collect a package to find art objects for customers. Once you’ve found your niche – whether it’s antique lunch boxes, dolls, or grandfather clocks – advertise your services in craft publications, in collectors’ stores, in specialized online forums, or on eBay. Soon you will have your own set.

3. Diaper delivery

Who said cloth diapers couldn’t be comfortable – and easy to use? Velcro-fastened diaper caps replace ill-fitting rivets, and pick-and-delivery removes dirty work from diapers. Equipped with a “clean” delivery truck with propane gas and a few washing machines, they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable items. Talk about changes for the better.

4. Collection and delivery in dry cleaning

Do you care about clothes? Then try dry cleaning and volumizing. Provide pick-up and drop-off in a location suitable for busy professionals, then arrange the actual cleaning with a local dry cleaner.

As a mobile locksmith, you have the key to success. For best results, prepare to work on your cellphone and truck 24 hours a day. With some basic training and equipment, you can master this task – lock, stock and barrel.

6. Remove graphics on

Walls and painting Equipped with some paints and other preventive treatments, you are ready to assist private and commercial customers with graffiti removal and relief work. City and school governments can also benefit from removing unsightly “tags” in their areas.

7. Cleaning the golf club

Get the most out of yourself with a putter cleaning service. Not only do they give golfers a clean edge to improve their game, but they also provide a way to protect your investment from rust, pitting, and discoloration from dirty clubs.

8. Self-defense coach

You can never feel safe or secure. Anyone of all age groups can learn martial arts, which is a good thing. Start your business by training others in the disciplines you learned – aikido, karate, or just basic safety awareness.

9. Adventure tours

Are you in the mood for adventure? Whether you’re exploring the caves of South America or visiting English cafes, you’re sure to find a die-hard following … as long as you get all the work done first. Get your service on the road to success by coordinating transportation, food and accommodation. Your customers only have to worry about one thing: enjoyment.

10. Pet care

When it comes to amenities, most dogs choose their own yard rather than a kennel every day. Thanks to the pet sitters – who take care of the pets when their owners are out of town or busy – Fido can have his food at home. This doesn’t just work for dogs, however; Target your services towards all creatures big and small to maximize your bottom line.

11. Filing of Court Records

You can’t beat the legal system.  Private attorneys who barely have time to prepare their own invoices and who do not have time to subpoena dodgy individuals often turn to registered court papermakers. Come at the end of the world, you will flirt with success.

12. Mobile massage

Success is close to the mobile massage service providers. Promote stress relief services at local fitness clubs, spas, and physical therapist offices. Then bring yourse trained hands – and the portable massage table – to the customer’s home or workplace.

13. Mobile mechanic

As a mobile mechanic, a good knowledge of car repair techniques and a recommendation list will help you increase sales. Put your business in the fast lane by delivering your service right at the customer’s home or workplace.

14. Personal cook

Cook delicious profits as a personal chef. Cooks are likely to find hungry customers among the overcrowded American working-class families. Or market your business to customers for special occasions who prefer to dine in the restaurant – with restaurant quality food and service.

15. Sewing / Tailoring

As a seamstress or tailor, design your path to success when moving and / or creating new items of clothing from scratch. You have to make ads to promote your service, whether in stores or dry cleaners stores. Just connect the sewing machine and start working.

16. Porcelain repair

Entrepreneur repairing porcelain sinks: Repairing unsightly chips and cracks in sinks and other porcelain accessories turns entrepreneurs into entrepreneurs. With a porcelain repair kit at hand, basin and basin like new again.

17. Cover letter / resume service

Not everyone knows how good it looks on paper. With your basic editing and layout skills, a laser printer, and some quality stationery, you’re ready to show clients how to show their resume and cover letter at their best – and how to open the door to potential employers for an interview.

18. Mystery shopping

Now you can shop till you drop. . . And get paid for it! Simply put on shopping shoes and test the service staff as “mystery shoppers”. Rate local retail staff on attitude, friendliness, and overall quality of service, then educate customers about shopkeepers to make sure their service is truly number one.

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