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Business services are referred to as activities that support businesses but do not provide a tangible good.And I will mention an example of my words, which is information and services companies that carry out several works such as financing and procurement. Most companies today are leaning towards such specialized trading services.

India becomes very competitive and gives stiff competition to other countries when it comes to providing services. Many overseas countries prefer India as the host partner for business services, and sometimes they prefer to open an office.

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Features of business services

Business services are broken down into five characteristics listed below.


These are intangible assets that cannot be touched.

They have no physical presence.

Only anyone can test it.

It is important to provide quality service to the customer so that the customer can feel the positive experience.

Example: Lessons from teachers, doctors treating patients, etc.


There is no consistency in services as there is in physical products.

The service must be performed exclusively each time.

The demands and expectations of different customers are different.

The service provider must adapt the service accordingly each time.


In the case of services, production and consumption are at the same time.

If we manufacture today, it is good and can be sold later


Services cannot be saved for the future.

It has no physical component.

The supply and demand for the service are very close to one another.

The service must be made available to the customer upon request.

Example: A McDonald’s burger can be stored, but only the taste can be tasted. The flight ticket can be kept and the flight can be experienced.

get involved:

The services are provided according to the requirements of customers.

Customers can also participate in the provision of some services

What types of services are there

The following are the types of services:

Business Services:

Services that companies use in conducting business activities.

Example: banks, insurance companies, warehouses, telecommunications services, etc.

Social Services:

These are made available voluntarily in order to achieve social goals.

Example: Providing educational and health facilities for employees and their families.

Personal services:

This is not of a uniform nature.

Different consumers have different services.

They depend on the priority of the customer.

Example: tourism, restaurant, etc.

Solved questions:

Q1 What is an intangible product


These are intangible assets that cannot be touched.

They have no physical presence.

Only anyone can test it. Example: teaching by teacher, doctor with patient, etc.

Q2: Can you give 3 examples of services


Banks, Insurance and Transportation.

Q3: What are the names of the services the organization provides to promote social welfare


Social services.

Q4: What are the names of the services performed by the organization to achieve the organization’s goals?


commercial activities.

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What are the different types of business services

Management services

  Finance Asset Management Services, Debt Management Services, or Inventory Management Services. Some sectors can require terrible human resource management services.

Event management services are an important part of any organization. You need help from outside agents who specialize in event marketing and event management. Services that are required in particular for trade fairs and trade fairs as well as launch events and other important business meetings.

The event management was on hand from determining the event location to setting up the stand, carrying out the event and finally cleaning the building after the work was done. They also help prepare shoes and provide backup in case of emergencies like a power outage at an event.

For example software services

Technical information that has made its presence felt in all areas. A large part of these are software services. Software is an integral part of any electronic device. The programs range from operating systems to antiviruses and data backups to special programs for accessing private files.

Part of the software service is the offer of upgrades and functional improvements as well as security. It is important that all major transactions take place due to the increased likelihood of software penetration. These are your software services that come into play.

Banking is an important area where software services are very important. With over 90% of online transactions being made over the Internet, it is very important that software services are kept up to date to combat both virus and hacker threats.

For example training services:

Many companies require training services. While companies are sufficiently qualified to train their employees in technical aspects, the services of an external training provider are required to train employees in soft skills or if they have specialist knowledge of an industry outside the organization.

I will mention an example of my words. Some institutions do training on several services they have, such as software, software and information technology In addition, there are external training agencies that offer training programs for employees on specific skills.

A key aspect of training is knowledge review. When the trainer trains participants, it is important to understand how well the staff understand what they have learned. It would be a waste of time and money if all of the training courses were not understood by the participants and therefore knowledge validation was required.

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